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Have you ever been irritated by annoying ads displaying on your Android device display when using apps? And also, when visiting some websites through browsers? Then you probably will value the existence of AdGuard Premium APK on your Android device. The AdGuard Premium is a uniquely designed ad-blocker application for Android devices. It removes ads in apps/ browsers, protects your privacy, and helps you to manage the apps on your device.

What is AdGuard Premium APK?

AdGuard Premium APK is the best ad-blocking application designed for Android devices that offers you the most advanced system-wide ad-blocking capabilities. It protects the online privacy of users by blocking third-party trackers, adware, and spyware so that your data is safely kept when you are using this app. And the AdGuard APK provides all these services without asking you to root your Android device. This powerful application supports many platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and other browser extensions. The AdGuard Premium APK works by enabling the VPN.

AdGuard APK - App Info

Name: Adguard Premium

Developer: Alexey

Publisher: AdGuard

Version: 3.4.119 (Latest)

Size: 15M

MOD Features: Unlocked

Supports: Android 3.3/+

Features of AdGuard Premium APK

Block ads on the web

This is the main functionality of the AdGuard Premium that has already gained the trust of millions of users over the world. It blocks ads naturally, and does not consume too many resources of Android devices and does not affect the performance of the devices. As a favorable result, you get the opportunity to play games and surf the web well without worrying about its RAM and memory.

Set up your whitelist

If you want the application not to work on some of your favorite sites, add the URLs of those sites to the whitelist so that the AdGuard Premium APK will unblock the ads from those sites.

Manage filter list

This application allows you to manage the list of websites protected by AdGuard APK and customize several advanced options.

Apps Management

The AdGuard Premium assists you in managing the operation of applications on your Android device. It displays some information like traffic, the amount of data saved, the number of ads filtered, etc.

Privacy protection

The AdGuard Premium APK can recognize suspicious activity and remove it from Android devices. As a favorable result, the device gets more secure, so you don’t have to worry about data-stealing or loss.

The Premium AdGuard APK can block third-party cookies by hiding your IP address when visiting certain foreign websites. As a result, users can change their profiles and browse the web anonymously.

Parental Control

If you want to protect your children from accessing adult content sites, AdGuard APK can help you out. This powerful application can block access to inappropriate websites and search results of indecent content. Apart from that, parents can customize the blacklist to make their children get healthy and decent content when using the phone.

Easy to use

The AdGuard Premium is a small-sized, simple, and easy-to-use application. Its file size is 13M, and you can install and use it easily on your device. It has a simple and elegant user interface that allows users to manipulate and personalize the application’s settings easily.

Data Saving

This powerful application allows you to save data while browsing the web with excellent ad removal capabilities.

AdGuard Premium APK 2020

Download AdGuard Premium APK

If you have already decided to Download AdGuard APK on your Android device, you must first consider its compatibility and its download source. When it comes to compatibility, you can download AdGuard Premium on Android 3.3 or above Android versions running smartphones, phablets, and tablets. If you are curious whether it is available to install from the Google Play Store or not, it is not available. You can only download AdGuard Premium APK from its official website, which is the very website you are reading right now.

How to Install AdGuard Premium APK on Android

  1. Click on the Download button from this very website so that the AdGuard APK will be downloaded on your Android device.
  2. Now enable “Unknown Sources” from your Android device’s Settings > More Settings > Security.
  3. Now tap on the AdGuard Premium APK file and tap on Install to install the app on your device.
  4. Now, open the application and enable protection. Then it will create a local VPN and not route traffic through you their remote server. It will do all the things right from your device.

AdGuard Premium APK Screenshots

AdGuard Premium APK Screenshots